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Mobile Camp:

The innovative "portable" camp will tour the United States stopping at children's hospitals in twenty-four cities around the country. Every stop will offer a three-day camp providing those touched by cancer with an incredible opportunity to experience life to the fullest. The CCA will offer those participating the chance to climb a portable wall, watch movies, play games, learn about cancer related topics, and listen to Sean as well as other survivors share their stories. The tour will also offer counseling to patients and family. All free of charge.

Adventure Support Grants:

The CCA gives cancer survivors the opportunity to do something magnificent by funding adventures similar to Sean's Everest Expedition. The CCA believes by offering this opportunity, the cancer community can provide hope and inspiration within itself by achieving pinnacles they never thought possible. Those battling the disease will see countless survivors climbing their personal "Everests" and acquire the strength and confidence needed to overcome their illness. Knowing that Sean is one person, CancerClimber's objective is to give other survivors the opportunity to circulate inspiration within the cancer community and use those experiences through personal and intimate hospital visits to help directly inspire those touched by cancer.

One-on-One Patient Visits:

All the Adventure Support Grant recipients coordinate their outreach to patients and survivors to change the lives of those touched by cancer. Whenever Sean delivers a presentation anywhere in the world (or visits a country for an expedition), he tours a local hospital to personally tell his story to those battling cancer. Children, parents, families, friends, doctors and hospital staff, and virtually anyone touched in some way by cancer are influenced by Sean's passion for life.